Creation circa 3052

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Creation in 3052
Late in 3050 Creation was invaded by Raphael and his so-called Lords of Chaos. Almost two years of fighting have ensued and they have steadily pushed forward, due in part to the sabotage of Phaedron's and Abbraxxus' efforts in the war by Shiatan. The Nexites used a weakness in the Lords of Chaos' sense of honor, discovered by the PCs, to halt their advance, at least temporarily, on the eve of Phaedron's Realm's destruction.

The PCs have learned much in their time adventuring both in and outside of Creation. They have learned of the Seven Pillars of Creation, the six Pillars of Realm/Maiden bonding plus the seventh Pillar of alignment (Law/Chaos/Good/Evil) supporting the Locus, and their potential role in helping orient Creation to their liking. They have learned that the Unicorn, the living representation of the Locus, seems to be following/leading Gwaine into the heart of Creation, though circuitously to be sure. They held in their hands the Jewel of Judgment and had its powers at their command, but learned they had no desire to be thrust into the heart of Nexite conflict and chose to let the Unicorn choose when the time comes. They learned to trust themselves and trust Azrael when all of Creation calls him anathema, giving him both the Jewel of Judgment and access to the Darkness Device locked away behind whirling black holes, and he has yet to punish their trust. They learned much of the motivations of Shiatan, Raphael, Magnus, Lucian, and Marcus and how they pertain to the threats to Nexus and the Locus. And, finally, Shadow learned that she was not, merely, Zarah's shadow, but actually Loki, transformed by her time in otherspace.


Creation circa 3050

Creation in 3050
Malekith returns, but Kane & Elric are still missing. Shiatan has taken Nexus under his "protection". Further, his spies have determined that Phaedron and his family were secret allies of Azrael and instrumental in the invasion of Nexus (they weren't) (as far as anyone knows). The young child of the Queen is being raised in Nexus by Athena and other allies of the party (now Loki, Sephiroth, Tiphereth, and Malekith). His identity as Oberon reborn is hidden from Shaitan, who holds Nexus as Regent, until a new King is chosen by the Unicorn with the return of the Jewel of Judgement (Malekith's failed quest).

Lucian has been granted lands once belonging to Queen Morrainne and she has suffered the loss of many of her Inner Circle holdings for collusion with Phaedron and the actions of her children (Roland, Lancelot, and Malekith) in defying Shiatan's rule. Phaedron, with Abbraxxus' help, has held a small Realm against the onslaught of Shiatan's forces, but has lost his former capital and the Bifrost Bridge. No-man's Land is unclaimed, it's central plane ringed with deadly protections which have yet to be penetrated.

Raphael's children, fraternal twins, Sephiroth and Tiphereth, are finally activated and sent into Creation. They dicover their relation to Abbraxxus' family through a lost daughter, though they find little more about her. Raphael succeeds in Sephiroth's corruption who then succeeds in bringing Tiphereth over, after their successful attunement to the Locus. Shiatan, meanwhile, has been trying to gain the activation codes to the Bifrost Bridge, an ancient artifact of Phaedron's Realm, that can open gates across Existence.

Malekith is captured by Shiatan's forces and sentenced to the same prison dimension holding Heimdell, the keeper of the Bifrost Bridge. Ashram, a servant of Morrainne and Athena, along with Loki and another, attempt to rescue him but are thwarted by their like of Baal. They hear rumors that measures are being taken to deal with Abbraxxus' and Phaedron's rebellion.

Ashram is approached by a stranger who tells him that if he can reach Malekith and give him the contents of the box the stranger hands over, it may be possible for Malekith to free Heimdell from the prison plane without the need for a dramatic showdown between Baal and the party. Ashram takes the box, and the instructions for Malekith to ingest its contents, and with Zara and Hermes, assaults the train. Malekith is surprised when Ashram doesn't free him after fighting so hard to reach him, but instead offers him a strange metallic d20 to eat. A d20 thrumming with mythic power. Similiar to a hearthstone, but much more concentrated. Ashram hesitates, and considers taking it for himself, but follows through on the plan. Malekith agrees and swallows it. Hermes and Zara make their escape while Ashram allows himself to be captured. He witnesses Malekith's exile into The Pit and has a good talk with Baal, refusing the offer of joining him.

Malekith finds himself in a grim and draining world where the prison has no guards or wardens. Heimdell has allied with the political prisoners from Phaedron's worlds banished when Shaitan took power and refuses to leave without them. Malekith's internal mythic power source is not limitless and is slowly degrading, putting a time limit on their escape. Gathering those they can they attempt to shadowwalk out of the world. It is a heroic and difficult task breaking free of the plane, but with the power of the internal source, Malekith manages it, arriving at a burned out Las Vegas. Heimdell plans to lead the escapees to Phaedron and invites Malekith, but he wishes to return home to mother.

Zara and Ashram travel to Gaia's realm where Zara discovers a history of Nexus alluding to the observable gap in the Nexite children's ages. It would seem that a strange breed of Nexites, called the Zodiac Lords, had discovered the power to kill more powerful Nexites and consume their power, thereby growing more powerful themselves. It would seem that Shiva was called on for a "final solution" and somehow killed ALL Nexites below a certain age, thus ending the problem, but at a staggering cost to all the families.

Gaia learns of Zara's spying and sends the Wild Hunt after her. Ashram chases after to rescue her but Heracles has already dispersed the Hunt, but is converted into the Huntsman himself and Ashram and he battle on the Riveria. Ashram is victorious, and Heracles is snapped out of it.

Hermes has been sent with a message for his brother, Apollo, to tell him to come home to meet with their father. After the meeting, Hermes is driven further and further into chaos by a powerful reality storm and fear of something sinister hunting him. Hermes manages to double back, and seeking aid, stumbles on Riveria, where the party and Heracles are. Later, Corwyn and Alyssa, Lucian's children, also arrive, intent on some clandestine activity of which Hermes overhears a small part. They are to steal an item of antiquity from a museum.

Hermes puts his ear to the ground using his extensive contacts and learns of several plots going on in their current location. As he investigates each, eliminating them as Nexite plots he stumbles on Marcus's lair while investigating a series of brutal and senseless serial killings, and learns something of his plans: to access Azrael's command post from the Locus War and use the machinery there to convert more planes into raw power for another assault on the Locus. Why he would be taking part in such heinous acts of murder is a mystery though.

Malekith receives a message from home that his plane is under assault and takes Ashram with him to deal with it. They find that strange aberrations from the deep are controlling the local sahuagin to attack Malekith's people. Taking the battle to them, Malekith and Ashram lead the troops to victory over the aboleth who are attempting to open a rift to the Far Realms.


Creation circa 3030

Creation in 3030 (after events of Azrael's Invasion)
A prophecy is discovered by Elric & Kane, in the Vault of Creation, that relates how they must save Creation. Both Grafiticus and Malekith also have roles to play in this. Kane and Elric vanish into the deep unknown on their quest, while Malekith has other adventures seeking the ancient aritifact, the Jewel of Judgement, said to be the eye of the World Serpent, the embodiment of Existence. The Locus is damaged and Creation almost destroyed by Marcus and Azrael, but Magnus is able to repair it.

Shiatan's forces counter-attack to re-take Nexus, along with those of Lucian, who also, it seems, has an alliance with Shiatan. Michael, Gabriel, Athena, Aaron, Vivian, and Dierdre all play major roles in helping Shiatan's forces, earning posts in the new regime.

Kane, Elric, and Malekith are all in the deep unknown, all contact is lost. Malekith meets, and travels with, Cimjes.


Creation circa 3025

Creation in 3025 (campaign start)
The Realms are at relative peace and all the families cooperating against outside forces which have been held at bay for many years. Unknown to all, Marcus has been corrupted by the lost brother of Michael, Azrael and driven mad. They attempt to launch a massive invasion against Nexus from a hidden realm, No-man's Land, which is a war-torn world of constant battle, to destroy or at least re-write the Locus. While exploring this Realm, the party (Kane, Elric, Graffiticus, & Malekith) finds hints that perhaps there is another lost brother, Raphael; and that he, too, may have returned.

The heroes learn a little of the nature of reality and the interactions of their families, and that something is very wrong with Marcus. A hidden Realm, that of Lucian, becomes known; he previously only having contact with Agamemnon's and Phaedron's Realms. Oberon marries one of Kane's old girlfriends, then is killed. Kane and the party move to protect the new wife, and discover she is pregnant, though they are unsure with who's child (Kane's).

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