Campaign Characters


  • Kelmellilee (13) (Slipstream) - Psiclops scientist with mission to recover The Nightwing
  • Valk Ree (18) (Slipstream) - Valkyria rocketjock, Captain of The Voidraker


  • Queen Anathraxa (Slipsteam) - Tyrannical despot who demands tribute from all Slipstream fragments
  • Handmaiden (Slipsteam) - power-armored servant of the Queen
  • Queen's Minion (Slipsteam) - sexually brainwashed earthling male servants of Anathraxa
  • Primal (Slipsteam) - green ape-like shock-troops of Anathraxa


  • Rock Men (CR 11) - inhabitants of barren rock fragments who view intruders as defilers of their sacred grounds
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