Nexus Pathfinder

Getting Started

Age Bracket

How old and powerful a character is in the hierarchy of Nexus is measured by AB. AB has a rank (0+) that determines the character's minimum mythic tier, character level, skill bonus, and minimum skill ranks. AB also has a percentile component (0-99%) that determines how far along in age the character is towards advancing to the next AB. For each full 10%, the character gains +1 minimum level. If the % component is 50% or more, the character's AB is treated as .5 better (so .5, 1.5, 2.5, 3.5, etc).
AB Effects:

  • Twice your AB is your minimum Mythic Tier
  • Receive an untyped bonus to all skills equal to the measure of the rank of 2*AB
  • Requires minimum skill ranks in every skill equal to your AB
  • Receive automatic bonus progression based on actual Tier
  • Min level of 10 + (AB*10)
  • Base reputation (Static Pool) of 10 + (AB * 10) + CHA + Wisdom

Advancing Age Bracket

Simply requires time to pass, and for higher bracket characters, simply will not matter much unless many, many years pass. Each AB has a minimum age in nexus years, and when this amount of time has passed the character automatically advances. Percentile advances are also tracked.

Advancing Mythic Tier & Levels

It is possible to advance mythic tier and character levels beyond AB minimums using static prize pool.

Automatic Bonus Progression

Based on AB not Mythic Tier

AB Tier Deflect Hearthstone Legend Mental Physical Resist Tough Examples
0 0 —-
½ 1 0 1 0 0 0 1 0
1 2 1 2 0 1 0 1 0
3 1 3 0 2 1 2 1
2 4 2 4 0 3 2 3 1
5 2 5 0 4 3 3 1
3 6 2 6 0 5 (max +4) 4 4 2
7 3 7 0 6 (max +4) 5 (max +4) 5 3
4 8 4 8 0 7 (max +4) 6 (max +4) 5 4
9 5 9 0 8 (max +6) 7 (max +4) 5 5
5 10 5 10 1 9 (max +6) 8 (max +6) 5 5
11 5 11 2 10 (max +6) 9 (max +6) 5 5 Kali, Lucifier, Lancelot
6 12 5 12 3 11 (max +6) 10 (max +6) 5 5 Shiva
13 5 13 5 12 (max +6) 11 (max +6) 5 5
7 14 5 14 7 12 (max +6) 12 (max +6) 5 5 Oberon, Phaedron
15 5 15 9 12 (max +6) 12 (max +6) 5 5 Maya/Tiamat
8 16 5 16 11 12 (max +6) 12 (max +6) 5 5
17 5 17 13 12 (max +6) 12 (max +6) 5 5 Agamemnon Morraine
9 18 5 18 15 12 (max +6) 12 (max +6) 5 5 Shiatan
19 5 19 17 12 (max +6) 12 (max +6) 5 5 Lucian
10 20 5 20 19 12 (max +6) 12 (max +6) 5 5 Magnus
21 5 21 21 12 (max +6) 12 (max +6) 5 5
11 22 5 22 23 12 (max +6) 12 (max +6) 5 5 Abbraxxus
  • Gear is in gp
  • Deflect is a deflection bonus to AC
  • Hearthstone is the free hearthstone rating received and must be divided up between 1-4 Domains with a rating of 1-5 each
  • Mental is a number of points to be added to Cha, Int, or Wis as enhancement bonuses
  • Physical is a number of points to be added to Con, Dex, or Str as enhancement bonuses
  • Resist is a resistance bonus to all saves
  • Tough is an enhancement bonus to natural armor
Legend Points
  • 1 point to raise an ability +1 (up to +5 per) as an inherent bonus
  • 1 point to increase the bonus on armor or shield +2 (or +1 each) (up to a max +10 per item)
  • 1 point to increase the bonus on a weapon +1 (up to a max +10 per item)
  • 2 points to increase the weapon gear bonus on 2 weapons to +5 or add an additional +5 weapon
  • 1 point to add an additional +5 armor or shield
  • 1 point to increase the Physical enhancements +2 (max +6) (up to 3 times)
  • 1 point to increase the Mental enhancements +2 (max +6) (up to 3 times)
  • 1 point for an extra Mythic Path (max once/tier)
  • 2 points for an extra Mythic Feat (max once/tier)

Ability Scores

  • 25 Point Buy System
  • Ability score modifiers cannot be more than 3 points apart (without spending a prize)

World Laws & Axioms

Every Realm and world has different natural laws governing it.

  • Arcane
  • Divine
  • Psionic
  • Tech Level
  • Cant (combat deadliness)
  • Mythic Power
  • Special Rules
  • Natural Laws
  • Reality Skill
  • Negated, minimized, enhanced, diminished

Power Sources

Arcane Magic, Technology, Divine Magic, and Psionics are the four primary sources of powers. Use of spells, spell-like abilities, (psionic) powers, and technology (firearms, ray-guns, robots, etc) is often limited on any given world. Nexites are able to overcome these limitations to a certain extent due to their strong connection to the Locus and their Reality skill. This causes a contradiction however and Nexites can be "disconnected" from their ability to use the Locus to cause contradictions. Many Nexites prefer to study more archaic combat forms for just such contingencies. Even on a world where there are no sharp edges or magic, a magic sword can still be used as a big club.


Trumps are visual representations of real people and places that allow connection to that person or place. They can be created with the Craft Wondrous Item feat with a high enough caster/manifester level or by anyone skilled enough at a 2D visual art who has the Master Craftsman feat.

The intrinsic power of the person or place determines the caster level to create the Trump. AB measures a person's power while places are measured as follows: Nexus, Inner Sphere, Border March, & Outer Sphere.

A person's Trump can be used to contact them and, should both parties be willing, allows instant travel to either person's location. A place's Trump gives a +10 modifier to travel to the place.



Nexites are those born with the blood of those who have walked the Locus. They have an innate ability to plane shift, though unlike the spell, they must actually, physically travel to move, called walking the shadows. Nexites are sexually mature at AB 5.5 and fully mature at AB 7.

  • Str +2
  • Dex +2
  • Con +2
  • Int +4
  • Wis -2
  • Cha +0
  • Knowledge (planes) & Reality are always class skills
  • Bonus Feat or Racial Heritage (blend another racial heritage which adds most everything about that races except ability score modifiers)
  • Multi-talented (two favored classes)
  • Skilled (+1 skill point per hit die)
  • Shadow-walking (Su) at will


Average of Str & Con scores (round up or down, but once decided is set); Nexites continue to grow (to at least their new min Size) throughout their lives

Size Height Weight Size Height Weight
6 (human min) 3’4” to 4’6” 65-110lbs 20 6’2” to 7’6” 210-425lbs
7 3’6” to 4’10” 65-135lbs 21 6’3” to 7’7” 220-450lbs
8 4’ to 5’4” 75-145lbs 22 6’5” to 7’9” 230-475lbs
9 (Nexite min) 4’4” to 5’4” 90-150lbs 23 6’6” to 7’11” 245-500lbs
10 4’8” to 5’6” 90-175lbs 24 6’8” to 8’1” 255-525lbs
11 4’8” to 6’ 110-200lbs 25 6’9” to 8’3” 265-550lbs
12 5’ to 6’ 110-225lbs 26 6’11” to 8’5” 275-575 lbs
13 5’ to 6’ 110-250lbs 27 7’ to 8’7” 285-600lbs
14 5’4” to 6’3” 110-275lbs 28 7’2” to 8’9” 295-625lbs
15 5’6” to 6’6” 135-300lbs 29 7’3” to 8’11” 310-600lbs
16 5’8” to 6’10” 155-325lbs 30 7’5” to 9’1” 320-675lbs
17 5’9” to 6’10” 165-350lbs 31 7’6” to 9’3” 330-700lbs
18 5’11 to 7’2” 200-375lbs 32 7’8” to 9’5” 350-725lbs
19 6' to 7’4” 205-400lbs 33 7’9” to 9’7” 375-750lbs


Character Advancement

Career Level

It is not possible to advance in Nexus based on normal adventuring, but players are rewarded with points which they can spend for "prizes". There are two pools: Prize Pool and Static Pool. Prize Pool is used as "motes" to power certain reality abilities, to purchase prizes on a per cosm basis, to purchase chase conveniences on a per cosm basis, and to purchase additional Static Pool. Static Pool represents prizes and conveniences associated with the character at all times in play and the character's "luck" and relationship with reality.

Class Features


Clerics may use the variant-channeling rules (effectively trading half their healing/harm for an effect).


Artisan, Crafting, Performance, Professional, Linguistics, and Reality (potentially Riding and Flying as well) are broad skills that require a focus to use properly. A character with at least one rank in the skill has one focus plus one per two full levels.

Skill List


Nexites have a natural facility with languages which is represented by their Linguistics skill. Should the GM deem it necessary for play, rolls will be made to determine if the language is known, otherwise it is assumed it is known. Gain one familiarity at rank 1 and an additional familiarity per 2 ranks.

  • Nexite - common
  • Alshain (Red)
  • Atreus (Purple)
  • Circinus (Gaia)
  • Luthien (Red)
  • New Avalon (Yellow)
  • Outworld (Tiamat)
  • Sian (Green)
  • Tharkad (Blue)

Reality (WIS)

This is the skill used by a Nexite to reconnect themselves to the Locus and regain the ability to cause contradictions with local reality. It can also be used to create reality bubbles and invoke reality storms. At rank one and for every 2 ranks in the skill, gain a focus. The focus allows use of attunement, crafting, mystic understanding, and other skills as they relate to the focus. It also allows Nexites to twist the fabric of existence to their advantage, such as granting them spell resistance for an instant. The DC for this varies based on the Tier of the user.
Reality Foci:

  • (A)rcane – Magical (powered by laws of magic)
  • (D)ivine – Holy (powered by faith/belief)
  • (P)sionic – Psionic (powered by mental connection to reality)
  • (T6)ech – Technological (powered by natural laws) - PL 6 (Fusion Age)
  • (T7)ech - PL 7 (Gravity Age)
  • (T8)ech - PL 8 (Energy Age)
  • (T9)ech - PL 9 (Exotic Age)
  • AD - Spiritual
  • AP – Mentalism (mental magics)
  • AT - Weird Science
  • DP – Mystical (like the Force)
  • DT – Ancestral Relics
  • PT – Nano-tech (mentally directed internal technology)
  • ADP – Cosmic Power (direct connection to cosmic forces underpinning reality)
  • ADT – Soul Engine (spiritual tech powered by souls/spiritual energy)
  • DPT – Cosmic Resonance (mystical tech powered by a cosmic connection)
  • ADPT – Cosmic Tech (tech powered by, or allowing connection to, cosmic forces underpinning reality)



Use the rules for Epic Leadership



Prizes represent training, items, people, and places reality associates with the character. Such things can be taken from a character, even destroyed, but will typically be back in the character's possession by the next scene and most certainly by the next adventure. Prizes maintained with static pool are permanent additions to the character. Prizes purchased with Prize Pool are good only within the cosm purchased.

Characters have Static Pool (reputation points) equal to their 10 + (AB *10) + CHA + Wisdom (PF reputation + wisdom). Prize Pool points are the earned experience characters acquire. Each prize has limits on its power and different costs.

Most items, places, and people found in play are disposable, forgotten as soon as play moves on to the next realm. Or powerless in the next realm because of the change in reality. Maintaining these prizes with reputation points shows the character's commitment to the prize and allow them to function in the multiverse at large.

Limits of 2* base Mythic Tier to represent multiverse spanning advantages, but no limits on individual planes.

Good Stuff, Bad Stuff, & the Self-Sufficient

When spending Static Pool characters may have a positive, negative, or zero balance. Those with a positive balance have the favor of Reality and are rewarded with Good Stuff, those with a negative balance have its disfavor and suffer Bad Stuff, and those with a zero balance are self-sufficient, having neither good nor bad stuff.

Those with good or bad stuff should determine the rank by pushing the number of points. Anytime a fate chip is spent roll the rank vs a DC of 21. Success with good stuff earns a free draw or refund of half the pool points spent. Success with bad stuff gains the character corruption.

Converting Prize Pool to Static Pool

It costs a number of Prize Points equal to ten times the Rank of years required to gain a level at the character's AB.

Age Bracket Years/Level Static Pool Cost
0 1 100
1 7.5 190
2 15 220
3 25 240
4 50 270
5 100 300
6 200 330
7 400 360
8 800 390
9 1600 420
10 3200 450
11 6400 480


These prizes are the things that are important to a character as they travel the shadows and do not fit other categories, class abilities, and feats. These may be bought with static pool which represents a baseline wherever the Nexite goes or on a case-by-case basis with Prize Pool. The convenience will generally be available immediately or with a minimum amount of work. Most must be defined in some way and based on this definition might be more or less available.

Conveniences purchased with the prize pool for a given world (generally during play) may represent past visits to the shadow, reality acting to give you a role in the current realm, or luck at finding what you need. The points spent are permanent and should be recorded for that cosm.

In all cases cost is equal to the rank (0-10), though prize pool purchases are purchased from the base, static, rank.


You have access to a given level of lifestyle wherever you go with no effort such as working. Example definitions: heiress, dilettante, investments, or another applicable convenience. Without this convenience, the character must look to their lifestyle on their own. You may maintain non-animal companion mounts/pets/guests/vehicles for free as per the table (though you don't necessarily own or possess it (any pet up to the equivalent disposable income on the Resource chart is appropriate)).

Level Lifestyle Notes
0 Destitute (Street) exhausted; check disease per week; 1 Small common pet only (fatigued)
1 Very Poor (Squatter) fatigued; check disease monthly; 1 Medium common pet only (fatigued)
2 Poor (Low) 1 Large common pet (fatigued)
3 Modest (Middle) 1 Large common pet
4 Comfortable (High) 2 Large common, or 1 Medium exotic pet
5 Wealthy (Luxury) 1 Large exotic
6 Very Wealthy (Luxury x2-5 1 Huge exotic
7 Extremely Wealthy (Luxury x10) 1 Gargantuan exotic
8 Opulent (Luxury x25-50) 1 Colossal exotic
9 Very Opulent (Luxury x100) 2 Colossal exotic
10 Extremely Opulent (Luxury x250-500) 4 Colossal exotic


You have cash/resources of the given wealth level as wherever you go with no effort. Example definitions: holdings, investments, patents, inventions, status, or other convenience. Maximum value routine purchases can be made without a roll per time given; purchases up to 1/4 this value (disposable) can be made at will, within reason and is treated as "cash on hand". To make purchases over these values, look up the rank of the cost of the item and roll that on d20, modifying by any purchase roll amount available and desired. A given level of resources can be used to maintain a given level of lifestyle.

Cost Resources Routine Purchase/Disposable Income
0 Poor $25/week & $6 disposable (14/8)
1 Average $250/month & $64 disposable (24/18)
2 Comfortable $250/week & $64 disposable (24/18)
3 Wealthy $2,500/month; $640 disposable (34/28)
4 Rich $2,500/week; $640 disposable (34/28)
5 Very Rich $25,000/month; $6,400 disposable (44/38)
6 Extremely Rich $25,000/week; $6,400 disposable (44/38)
7 Filthy Rich $250,000/month; $64,000 disposable (54/48)
8 Very Filthy Rich $250,000/week; $64,000 disposable (54/48)
9 Extremely Filthy Rich $2,500,000/month; $640,000 disposable (64/58)
10 Extremely Filthy Rich $2,500,000/week; $640,000 disposable (64/58)

Minions, Henchmen, and Sidekicks

Minions function much like the leadership feat except that these followers are available for a reason other than personal loyalty wherever you go. Minions are NPC-classed grade 1 minions. Typically, this requires other conveniences to explain such as employees of your corporation, army members of your nation, etc. The total levels can be spent to adjust the power level and total amount of minions (from a min level 3 to a max of level 10, the level limit for npc classes). A grade 2 minion costs double and grade 3 triple. Hired grade 4 minions are not possible, get Leadership for that. Minion levels can also be used to creatures of CR equal to minion level-2.

Henchmen also function like the leadership feat except that you have access to fewer, but better quality followers, that like the minions convenience, requires explanation. As with minions the total levels can be spread around, to a min of 3 and a max of the cohort level of 1/2 your leadership. Henchmen are character classed grade 3 minions. Henchmen levels can be used to buy creatures of CR equal to henchman level.

A sidekick is a cohort quality retainer. Their level is a max of the value of rank + 10 as a percentage of your leadership score. They are not minions, they are standard characters.

Rank Minions levels Henchmen levels Sidekick %
1 32 5 12.50%
2 64 10 16.00%
3 125 20 20.00%
4 250 40 25.00%
5 500 80 32.00%
6 1000 160 40.00%
7 2000 320 50.00%
8 4000 640 64.00%
9 8000 1250 80.00%
10 =16000 2500 100.00%


You are known and your word respected/feared due to your status, celebrity status, infamy, wealth, etc. You may use the difference in rank, as a situational modifier, on rolls used to impress others with your influence (typically by name dropping or recognition). You may use this to make the roll high-open ended a number of times per day equal to rank/2.

Rank Modifier High Open Ended
1 +1 1/day
2 +2 1/day
3 +3 2/day
4 +4 2/day
5 +5 3/day
6 +6 3/day
7 +7 4/day
8 +8 4/day
9 +9 5/day
10 +10 5/day


You have official standing and/or rank in a given social hierarchy, be it the nobility, military, etc. This works similar to Influence, but only within the organization.

Rank Reality-wide (static Pool) Specific (prize pool)
0 an unknown or AB 1 Nexite none
1 a known Nexite (a Prince of Reality) Lowest ranking noble (like a knight)
2 Ruler of a Middle March World (1-2) Low ranking Noble
3 Ruler of an Outer Sphere World (1-3) Mid ranking Noble (Baron)
4 Ruler of an Inner Sphere World (2-4) or Middle March Region (1-4) High ranking noble (Duke)
5 Ruler of an Outer Sphere Region or Middle March District (2-5) Leader of a large region (up to a continent)
6 Ruler of an Inner Sphere Region or Outer Sphere District (3-6) Leader of a vast region (up to a hemisphere)
7 Ruler of a Middle-march Realm or Inner Sphere District (4-7) Leader of a world spanning empire
8 Ruler of an Outer Sphere Realm Leader of a small space/planar empire
9 Ruler of an Inner Sphere Realm Leader of a large space/planar empire (several systems)
10 Ruler of Nexus Leader of all known space/connected planes (up to a galaxy spanning empire)

Alternate Identity


A mentor provides support and aid to the character. The rank determines both how powerful a mentor is and how much aid/interference they can/will provide. If ranks in Mentor are taken using the static pool, the Pool Bonus listed is applied to the character's Static Pool and represent training, influence, gifts, etc, that the mentor has made possible. Mentor purchased with Prize Pool supplies extra Prize Pool for that world only. Failing to keep the mentor happy can result in a loss of the these points or more (up to double) as the mentor makes their displeasure known.

Minimum Mentor Rank required (mentor interferes/involved 21+):
  • Active interest = 1:1 Status of mentor, +15 (75%)
  • Interested = 1:2 Status, +10 (50%)
  • Nominal Interest = 1:3 Status, +5 (25%)
Mentor Power

This is a subjective measure of the mentor's reach, influence, ability and scope in the campaign as determined by the GM. A good baseline is the mentor's Status and/or Mythic Tier/2.

Example Nexites
Name Effective Power
Marcus 5
Gabriel 4
Lilith 5
Michael 5
Raphael 8
Azrael 5
Lucifer 6
Phaedron 7
Tiamat 7
Morrainne 8
Agamemnon 8
Shiatan 9
Lucian 9
Magnus 10
Abbraxxus 11

Rank Description Pool Bonus
0 no mentor 0
1 power 1 (active), 2 (interested), 3-4 (nominal) 2
2 power 2 (active), 3-4 (interested), 5-6 (nominal) 5
3 power 3 (active), 5-6 (interested), 7-9 (nominal) 8
4 power 4 (active), 7-8 (interested), 10 (nominal) 10
5 power 5 (active), 9 (interested) 12
6 power 6 (active) 14
7 power 7 (active) 16
8 power 8 (active) 18
9 power 9 (active) 20
10 power 10 (active) 22


Your identity and location are hidden from others beyond mere spells. The Cipher rank affects the ease in locating or scrying on you with Trumps, or shadow walking to you, as well as more mundane attempts to find information on you. Add your rank in Cipher to the DC as a rank modifier.


You have a vast network or contacts and might know someone in the area that might be able to help out in the current situation. This functions much like Influence but within the contacts focus. Foci include: Academic, Esoteric, Ecclesiastic, Fringe, Media, Laws Enforcement, Street, Underworld, Military, High Society, Corporate, etc

Gear (Equipment & Holdings)

You have access to a certain type of gear, be it a vehicle, pet, HQ, construct minion, or other equipment, or you have a certain property, such as a ship, castle, skyscraper, secret base, island resort, business, conglomerate, sports team, or night club. This cannot be magical gear (which has its own entry). For extreme purchase just continue the rank *10 progression.

Rank $ Value examples
1 less than $25,000 car
2 less than $250,000 house, yacht
3 less than $2,500,000 super yacht, small business, small mansion
4 less than $25,000,000 large mansion, company
5 less than $250,000,000 large company
6 less than $2,500,000,000 sports team
7 less than $25,000,000,000
8 less than $250,000,000,000 International Space Station
9 less than $2,500,000,000,000 small country
10 less than 25,000,000,000,000 ???

Magic Items

Items have a limit of the lower of 1/2 level or +10 bonus to armor and weapons and a limit of the lower of level or 20 applies for other items. Add up the total cost of all items: The rank of the measure of the cost in gp minus rank 30 (cost/1000). Artifacts must be purchased using Mythic Tier paths and Legendary item rules.


These are prizes that can only be bought with static pool and apply across all shadows the character is familiar with (often shown by language familiarity). In general a character may only purchase ranks up to their base mythic tier.


One of the the most powerful of prizes is possession of a hearthstone, the physical essence of a plane. Each stone grants its owner one or more domains and effective cleric levels in each. All Nexites have a place in the multiverse that reflects them, this is represented by the free Hearthstone rating all Nexites receive from automatic bonus progression. Ratings run from 1 to 20 and must be divided between 1 to 4 Domains rated at 1-5 each. Starting rating may be split (and has to be if over 20) to represent multiple stones as desired as long as each possesses at least one domain rated at 1 (a rating 1 stone). A given rating is assumed to be the lowest level (1/5/9/13/17) in the range but may be improved with static pool.

Each Nexite is assumed to be attuned to his stone for free. Just picking up a stone does not grant attunement. Various ways exist to attune, but one sure-fire way is to walk the Locus (or equivalent). An attuned stone must be paid for with static pool or it requires the commitment of (rating) mythic power

Hearthstone is the term used for these objects of power, and very often they are beautiful jewels. However, they may look and be anything, often reflecting their domain(s): swords, seashells, crowns, rings, amulets, wands, staves, etc; as long as it is man portable and no bigger than a 2h-weapon. They are indestructible for the most part, requiring special preparations to do so. They may be magic items in their own right in addition (paid for separately).

Recovering Mythic Surges

Normally a character recovers all surges after 8 hours rest. Mythic Tier 10 characters do not automatically regain surge/hour in Nexus.

Own World
Own Cosm
Own Region
Own Realm
Inner Sphere
Outer Sphere
Middle Marches
The Fringe
Deep Chaos
Abbraxxus' Realm - much of this realm is a Shadowland if not Underworld, as such, the living do not regain any surges here.

Mythic characters attuned to, and in possession of, one or more hearthstones recover 1 mythic surge an hour when not on the world. When on the world of an attuned hearthstone, but not in control of the world, they recover mythic surges equal to 1/2 the world rank per round. When on the world of an attuned hearthstone also controlled by the character, they recover the full world rank in surges each round.

Extra Character Levels

It is a prize to have character levels beyond the minimums allowed for AB. Pay points equal to the rank of extra Nexus years required for a given level. If you go beyond the max allowed for a given AB, pay the next AB costs. When max level for a given AB is reached, just roll it over into the next AB (making it cost more and more). You may only purchase a number of extra levels equal to the level range of your EL.

Age Bracket Years/Level Max Level
0 1 19
1 7.5 29
2 15 39
3 25 49
4 50 59
5 100 69
6 200 79
7 400 89
8 800 99
9 1600 109
10 3200 119
11 6400 none

Extra Mythic Tier

It is a prize to have extra tiers beyond the minimums allowed for AB. The cost is the difference of the minimum tier based on AB from current tier on the table below.

Age Bracket Mythic Tier Cost Age Bracket Mythic Tier Cost
0 0 0 5.5 11 320
.5 1 32 6 12 400
1 2 40 6.5 13 500
1.5 3 50 7 14 640
2 4 64 7.5 15 800
2.5 5 80 8 16 1000
3 6 100 8.5 17 1250
3.5 7 125 9 18 1600
4 8 160 9.5 19 2000
4.5 9 200 10 20 2500
5 10 250 10.5 21 3200

Home Base

Many nexites claim a plane/world as their domain. The rank of this world is treated as bonus Lifestyle, Resource, Holdings, Minions, Henchmen, Sidekicks, Influence, and Status when on the world. It also gives a slight discount on the attunement cost of the world's hearthstone. Mythic characters also receive the rank in mythic surges every round in combat if they also attuned, and in possession of, the world's hearthstone. Barring that they gain 1 point per hour on their own plane/world.

World Importance/Power

  • Nexus – 10 (4@20)
  • Inner Sphere Realm Capital (Sian) - 10
  • Inner Sphere District Capital - 4-8
  • Inner Sphere Regional Capital - 3-7
  • Inner Sphere World – 2-6
  • Outer Sphere Realm Capital - 8-10
  • Outer Sphere District Capital - 3-7
  • Outer Sphere Regional Capital - 2-6
  • Outer Sphere World – 1-4
  • Middle March Realm Capital – 4-8
  • Middle March District Capital – 2-6
  • Middle March Reginal Capitial - 1-5
  • Middle March World – 1-3

Inherent Spell-like Abilities

Purchase at a cost of the rank of spell level x caster level x 4. Several complex modifiers can apply to this. These are powers the character can manifest outside normal class/character limits. They will be judged on a case-by-case basis.

Inherent spell-like abilities have a variable cost:

  • caster Level x Spell Level x 4,000gp for at will (Sp)
  • caster Level x Spell Level x 8,000gp for at will (Su)
  • caster Level x Spell Level x 16,000gp for at will (Ex)

Charges per day:

  • divide above costs by (5 divided by charges per day)

Multiple abilities:

  • determine all costs, order highest to lowest, then apply a cumulative 50% increase to each ability (so 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, etc)

Expensive material components:

  • the character must purchase the component with Resources, Gear, or pay prize pool points equal to the rank of the items value each time the ability is used


Everyone has a deck, but some are more complete than others. Points invested increase the quality of your deck.

Rank Completeness
0 Family & home Realm; 5% familiar Realms & Families; no additional
1 Family & home Realm; 12% (1/8th) familiar Realms & Families; 3% other
2 Family & home Realm; 16% (1/6th) familiar Realms & Families; 4% other
3 Family & home Realm; 20% familiar Realms & Families; 5% other
4 Family & home Realm; 25% familiar Realms & Families; 6.25% other
5 Family & home Realm; 32% (1/3rd) familiar Realms & Families; 8% (1/12th) other
6 Family & home Realm; 40% familiar Realms & Families; 10% other
7 Family & home Realm; 50% familiar Realms & Families; 12% (1/8th) other
8 Family & home Realm; 64% (2/3rd) familiar Realms & Families; 16% (1/6th) other
9 Family & home Realm; 80% familiar Realms & Families; 20% other
10 Family & home Realm; 100% familiar Realms & Families; 25% other

Unbalanced Ability Scores

It is a prize to have ability scores more than 7 points (+3 modifier) apart. The cost is the rank of the total number of differences of each and every ability score modifier greater than 3 points apart. So a 3 point difference is 0, 4 points 1, 5 points 2, etc, per ability score and combos.

Additional Rules

Fate Chips

Nexites are friends to reality, but after a certain point it stops coddling them and expects them to stand on their own. This changes the way Nexites interact with fate chips and Reality skill.

Age & Experience vs Youth & Luck

Only Nexites below mythic tier 10 have a starting draw of fate chips; Nexites of tier 10 and beyond are on their own as far as reality is concerned. All players earn XP which can be used to buy the draw of a fate chip to be immediately spent, the base cost is 5 plus 1 per additional draw in a session. NPC Nexites, and player Nexites above tier 10, who draw give the XP cost of their points into a pool which can be used to draw chip by their opponents. These bonus points can be combined with XP. Remember that fate chips can be spent for narrative control, not just roll bonuses, and this is how Nexites often manipulate reality to their own ends.

This is based on actual Mythic Tier, not AB.

Mythic Tier Fate Limit Cost
1 6 10
2 5 19
3 4 22
4-5 3 26
6-7 2 27
8-9 1 30
10-11 0 33
12-13 -1 36
14-15 -2 39
16-17 -3 42
18-19 -4 45
20-21 -5 48
22-23 -6 51

Shadow Walking

There are three phases to traveling: Exiting the current realm, traveling to the desired realm, and arrival. In general it is a DC 15 task to leave, travel to, or arrive, with four total successes needed in each phase. Failure accumulates no successes, failure by more than 5 incurs an encounter or some other obstacle. If there are extra degrees of success remaining from a phase, the next roll receives a +2, +5 for 3 or more degrees.

Each roll to travel also causes a non-lethal DMG 10 check, with a cumulative +2 per roll taken before an extended rest for the character making the rolls and anyone supporting them. Any failure on the check also fatigues the character, as for taking temporary damage while using a forced march. This DMG is considered to be caused by forced marching/hustling so any modifiers for those rules also apply, such as the +4 for the Endurance feat.

Methods of Travel

  • The Royal Way - one roll per day (may take 20)
  • Shadow Walking - one roll per hour (may take 10)
  • Hellriding - reduce travel DC by 5, but DMG is lethal (may be shifted onto a mount making personal DMG non-lethal) (considered to be hustling or running)

Ease of Travel

The base difficulty of travel to, or leaving a world, can be modified based on the given world.

  • Hardened - world harder to travel to (-5)
  • Magnetized - world easier to travel to (+5)
  • Softened - easier to leave (+5)
  • Sticky - harder to leave (-5)

These values can be further modified as very- and extremely-, each of which doubles the modifier (so +/- 10 & 20).

Frequency of rolls

Rolls may be taken more often than per hour at a penalty that applies to the travel DC and the DMG check:

  • Hourly - no modifier
  • per 10 minutes -5
  • per minute -10
  • per round -15




Power Sources

Each item, power, or spell should include its power source (arcane, divine, psionic, technological, or some combination) and any item/power can use any source(s). This determines the worlds where the item/power might not function or in functioning, cause a contradiction.

  • (A)rcane – Magical (powered by laws of magic)
  • (D)ivine – Holy (powered by faith/belief)
  • (P)sionic – Psionic (powered by mental connection to reality)
  • (T)ech – Technological (powered by natural laws)
  • AD - Spiritual
  • AP – Mentalism (mental magics)
  • AT = Weird Science
  • DP – Mystical (like the Force)
  • DT – Ancestral Relics
  • PT – Nano-tech (mentally directed internal technology)
  • ADP – Cosmic Power (direct connection to cosmic forces underpinning reality)
  • ADT – Soul Engine (spiritual tech powered by souls/spiritual energy)
  • DPT – Cosmic Resonance (mystical tech powered by a cosmic connection)
  • ADPT – Cosmic Tech (tech powered by, or allowing connection to, cosmic forces underpinning reality)

Psionics Unleashed

  • Danger Sense - the Improved Uncanny Dodge is based on your manifester level, not your character level

Mythic Adventures

  • All Paths gain the Tier 10 capstone ability at Tier 1, with some modifications.
  • HP bonus is x2 set limit of expected die type
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